Bac techno : les sujets d’Anglais LV1 sont tombés !
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Bac techno : les sujets d’Anglais LV1 sont tombés !

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L’épreuve d’Anglais LV1 vient clôturer les épreuves écrites des séries technos ! Yes ! Les bacs généraux eux l’ont déjà passée le mercredi 19 juin à 14h, c’était aujourd'hui au tour des séries techno.

En attendant les résultats du bac Techno le 5 juillet, on vous souhaite une bonne fête de la musique pour décompresser du stress accumulé pendant ce Bac 2013.

Travail à faire par le candidat


Document 1 : Hannah Taylor

A. Choose and write down the right answer.

Hannah lives in India / Canada / the USA / England. She was five / six / eleven / eighteen

years old when she realized that something had to be done for her family / her classmates /

homeless people.

B. Write down the following sentences in chronological order.

Hannah toured her country. / Hannah collected money. / Hannah talked to her

schoolfriends. / Hannah was shocked. / Hannah set up an association.

C. The following statements are TRUE. Justify by quoting the text.

1) Hannah was not shy.

2) Hannah’s schoolmates supported her.

3) Hannah wants to change people’s opinions.

4) Hannah thinks everybody can do something.

Document 2 : Freedom

D. Write down the right answer and justify by quoting the text.

Joey wanted to :

1- steal money.

2- earn money.

3- donate money.

4- print fake money.

E. Complete each sentence with the right element from the list below (one blank = one


Joey / the nuns / many St Catherine’s students / Connie / one of Joey’s schoolmates

1) … bought a cheap watch.

2) … decided to buy a machine to customize watches.

3) … wore a watch at school to start the trend.

4) … followed the fashion.

5) … made the regulations at St Catherine’s stricter.

F. RIGHT or WRONG ? Answer and justify by quoting the text.

1) At St Catherine’s, students could wear whatever they wanted.

2) Joey was a student at St Catherine’s.

3) Joey was revolted by the change in the rules at St Catherine’s.

4) Walter thinks Joey’s product is useless.

Documents 1 and 2

G. Write down the two titles that correspond to both documents 1 and 2.

1- Helping poor people

2- Early experiences

3- Showing initiative

4- Fashion victims

5- Making profits

H. Write down the five adjectives that can apply to both Hannah from Document 1 and

Joey from Document 2.

talented / enterprising / selfless / determined / ungenerous / egocentric / understanding /

precocious / ambitious / obedient


Choose ONE of the following subjects (180 -250 words).

A- You are part of an organization that fights for a good cause. Write an article for the school

newspaper to convince your schoolmates to help you or to join the organization.


B- The students at your school disagree with one of the school’s rules and ask you to

represent them. You go and see the headmaster to try to persuade him / her to change it.

Imagine the conversation.

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